What’s the Best Pop Up for My Website? Why?

This is a question that people ask me quite frequently, so I thought I would put it down in one place.  Yes, it is worth trying a pop-up on your website.  You just need to first think through:  what am I going to do with those subscribers once I get them?!

I recommend (and use) a plugin called WP Pop Up Plugin, which is free.  You first need to sign up for an autoresponder account, though, so you can set up different sequences for delivering the free bonus that you are going to give people in exchange for signup.   Mailchimp is a good option, although they are free so they put their advertisements in the outgoing mail.  GetResponse is nice from a user-friendliness perspective (plus you can turn off two-step authentication, which is always nice), and people seem to really like AWeber as well.

Here’s how it goes:  

1. person visits website, 

2.  pop up comes up (after 5 seconds or however long you specify), tells them they can get a bonus if they sign up.  

3.  They enter their email address.    

4.   They see a thank you message.  

5.  That email goes into a database. 

6.  The person confirms it. 

7.  The autoresponder part of the sequence starts, which is how their bonus is delivered.  

8.  They get the email with the bonus (you have to have already created the bonus and uploaded it to your site before # 1 ever starts, because the link to it is in this email.  

9.  You regularly send them messages so the list doesn’t get stale, so you’ll need either more emails in the autoresponder sequence or a new sequence (that you would need to pre-write) that emails them once a week, twice a week, etc.

You can put this on any and all of your sites.  I will need:  autoresponder login, bonus (in pdf form), copy for initial email, copy for delivery email, copy for anything else you want in the sequence, unless you want a difference sequence, in which case you would provide me with that and I would set it up separately.

The purpose of the pop up is to build the mailing list, so you’ll just need to be prepared to deliver the bonus and to start talking to those users right away.  

Overall, putting a pop-up on your website to capture people’s email addresses is a GREAT idea, but you need to be really prepared before you start this strategy so you don’t end up with a database of people who are